Cell Phone Confusion

Well my hunt for a Prepaid Cell Phone plan for my mother inlaw has concluded, and man I am telling you it is hard to find a good one, daily we are bombarded with unlimited this and endless that and cheap all this, let’s look at her needs.

  • Unlimited Talk and Text

Yes I am aware that there are plenty of providers promising this, but if you dig deeper you will discover that they have a reasonable use limit, and those are very often set way too low, my mother inlaw talks ALOT on her phone, and being that she is going to spend 3 months at a cancer center very soon this will be her one and only phone, let me give you an example, last months she talked 4000 minutes on her home phone, to many that doesnt sound much, but her home phone also comes with “unlimted” talk, only their reasonable use policy says 2800 minutes per month for a family of 4.

Yes now you know what I am trying to accomplish here, and well I did.

  • She only need 1GB or less on internet, maybe more when she is at the center.

Yeah so well I needed a service that can be changed from month to month then.

Anyway I found SimpleMobile Prepaid at walmart, it is $25 a month for unlimites Talk and Text and 1GB of High Speed data, but the point it differs from Familytalk and Straighttalk and all those other Walmart plans is that their reasonable usage is 14,000 minutes, yep she is covered and I think Straighttalk was 1800 minutes same with familytalk, and they were a lot more expensive per month $30-$50.

You cant recognize the box on it’s label

I also found out that all the Walmart plans, at least in this area despite what the box shows is actually TRACFONE, yes I laughed when I found out because they have T-Mobile logo on the box, Tracfone are known for their pay as you go plans, they are piggybacking on just about ALL the big providers, I had them before and I have nothing bad to say about their service, other than their Support is absolutely frustrating.

After spending almost an hour on the phone to activate her brand new $39.99 Samsung Galaxy on5 smartphone, the Indian in the other end kept telling me that the IMEI/Serial of the phone is not one of theirs, I was like WTF? I ordered this phone directly from simplemobile.com.

We finally found the phone via the Sim card number, so yeah it was theirs alright, then we proceeded to transfer her old number from Virgin Mobile who was now charging her 25 cent per minute because they just went iPhone exclusive and want to get rid of their old customers. I was then told it could be up to 48 hours and to just check the phone now and then. CLICK DONE!

But of course I was not done, after 3 days and the phone still didnt work I called back, yes sir we need a super secret account number you can only get by calling Virgin Mobile, at this point I was wondering if I had not called would they EVER have contacted me and told me about this? I got the account number after spending an hour on the phone with Virgin Mobile where they were trying their hardest to get me to purchase a $700 iPhone 7, it would only cost me $1 for one year then $50 a month after that, I think not puppydog.

After for the umpf time explaining to Tracfone why I was calling, they put the account number in and well within minutes her new phone worked with her old number.

I did a little further dwelling into Prepaid plans, it turns out that most if not all of them are actually managed by Tracfone, this company must be enormous on a global scale, and they must get confused with all the different rates they offer through different logos.