I have a weird relationship with food

You would think that someone who is 245 lb had a extremely healthy appetite for food, but truth be told I dont eat any kind of Seafood or Poultry.

The weird thing is that somewhere out there there is a Picture of me as a kid munching on a chicken leg, but every time I asked my family about it they have no answer what happened.

My grandpa was a strict man, but when it came to me being picky about food he was not, it usually went like this.

The adults was having fish or Chicken for dinner, Brian would throw a tantrum and end up with 2 Hotdogs instead.

There was his one time, my wife won some college award and there was a huge dinner in her honor, as they always seemed to do they served Chicken Parmasan, I was 38 or so years old so I decided to put my big boy pants on and eat it, next thing I threw up at the table, so much for being mature eh? later my wife told me that it was not very good Chicken and she didnt blame me for throwing up.

I blame me though, why is it that I can not try new things, I will eat Beef, Pork or Veel, that is about IT, on the flipside I do not have a problem with weird veggies if served to me.