All We Left Behind

I was surfing the web as usual and went to a website that serves news, and then it was I spotted the picture in this post, and it is true, days ago I went to that website and I did leave something in my cart because I decided not to buy it, it was frames for new glasses, and it really bothers me that the entire Internet seem to know I did this, does it bother you too? of course I know it has to do with cookies and the real crummy kind, nobody is spying on me (or you) but still.

And now that we are at it, you know what else bothers me? no it is not Donald Trump, it is when we went to buy a car this past Christmas, the dealership knew exactly where we had our old loan, how much we still owed etc. and that was before we gave them any SSN’s, it bothers me how much the world knows about me, it makes me want to go into the woods and say FUCK YOU WORLD, I am so tired of being known and seen and bothered (not by you who reads this), I just want to live my life without constantly being reminded of what I left behind in various shopping carts, yeah that is what I want in life. What do you want?

All we left behind needs to stay left behind, there are no looking back in life, it just makes you more depressed, I know it makes me crazy as can be, the past is the past for a reason, dont you think?

Well ponder on this, you owe it to yourself.